Rēhita mai

Please complete the registration process below. Once you have submitted the form we will review your details and send you a confirmation email to confirm your membership.  If you have any questions, please contact administrator@planz.org.nz.

If you are having any issues submitting the form, please contact help@core-ed.ac.nz.

PLANZ is an association of professional learning and development providers.  To join you will be either a sole trader or a recognised organisation, company, school or Tertiary Institution working in the PLD area of educational development.

All Member organisations and sole traders must meet the entry criteria and are also required to undertake continuing professional development (CPD). You will need to indicate acceptance of these conditions.

To apply for PLANZ membership online, you are required to provide the following information. It is recommended you have all these details together before you commence the online application process:

  • Organisational details and contact information (email, address, phone numbers)

  • The applicant’s knowledge, training, experience and success in professional learning and development

  • Give a brief outline or provide links to existing documentation that covers the points below

  • The applicant’s commitment to honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi

  • Briefly state how your operations meet Treaty obligations

  • The applicant’s commitment to promoting and maintaining excellence of professional practice

  • Briefly outline your quality assurance processes including performance management, or provide links to relevant information

  • The applicant’s processes to ensure on-going professional learning for all staff

  • Outline how the organisation engages in ongoing professional learning

Details for payment of the application fee and subscription:

1-3 facilitators  $500
4-8 facilitators $1,500
9-15 facilitators $3,000
16-30 facilitators $5,000
31 and above $7,500

Application, Confirmation and Privacy Agreement

Please read the Application, Confirmation and Privacy Agreement below. To confirm your acceptance select I Agree at the bottom of the page.


I hereby apply to be a member of the Professional Learning Association New Zealand Te Māngai Whakangungu Kaiako o Aotearoa (Inc) (PLANZ), and agree to be bound by the rules contained in the Constitution and the Code of Practice as amended from time to time. I acknowledge that this application does not constitute membership of the PLANZ, such membership only being confirmed upon acceptance of this application by the PLANZ and receipt for good value by the PLANZ of the subscription and joining fee. Any monies held by PLANZ pending acceptance of this application will be refunded in full if the application is unsuccessful.


I/We confirm that our organisation are free of members that:

  • have been convicted of an offence committed in, and as part of an education role which carries with it a possible sentence of imprisonment; 

  • are an undischarged bankrupt

  • have been prohibited from being an educator by reason of any order made under Section 383 of the Companies Act 1993 or any Acts passed in substitution or any corresponding provision passed in substitution thereof 


I/We acknowledge that:


Any personal information provided to the PLANZ, whether contained in this application or otherwise lawfully obtained, may be held, used and disclosed by PLANZ:



to enable the PLANZ to administer and maintain my/our membership and to enable the PLANZ to provide all of its membership services



to enable PLANZ to provide advice and information that PLANZ believes may be of interest 



to enable the PLANZ to communicate with me/us for any purpose.



The information provided in this application is collected and held by PLANZ whose registered office is Ground floor, 16 Normanby Road, Mt Eden, Auckland


If I/we fail to provide any information requested in this application the PLANZ may decline my application


I/We give the PLANZ permission to verify any information I/we have supplied


I/We have the right under the Privacy Act 1993 to obtain access to and request correction of any personal information held by the PLANZ


Have not withheld any information which might otherwise disqualify me/us from membership under the PLANZ rules

*The Constitution for PLANZ is available in the About us section of the website under Founding Documents.


Organisation or Sole Trader Details

Primary Contact Details

Give a brief outline or provide links to existing documentation that covers the points below

Please enter your current and past governance roles

Details for payment of the application fee and subscription:

51+ members  $10,000
31-50 members $7,500
11-30 members $5,000
3-10 members $1,500
1-2 members $500

An invoice, based on the above fee structure will be sent to you via email from PLANZ Secretary and must be paid in full before membership is accepted. Please press the "Submit" button to complete your application.