De-streaming Resources

Posted on Feb 13, 2023

Kōkirihia was launched on 20 March 2023, as a call to action to plan for the elimination of streaming. These resources, developed by PLANZ members, support the vision of Kōkirihia and the mahi of Tokona Te Raki: Māori Futures Collective to lead this initiative. They are designed to support providers to engage leaders and teachers in conversations about the harmful effects of fixed ability grouping and streaming on ākonga.

You can find out about Tokona te Raki and their research into the impact of streaming here. 

 He waka e noa
We are on this journey together

All of the international research is very clear, streaming does more harm than good, it isn’t justified, it’s wrong, it’s discriminatory, it’s unfair and… I acknowledge in the NZ context where streaming exists, and it shouldn’t exist, that it’s Māori and Pasifika who are disadvantaged by that. NZ based research has been very, very clear, streaming leads to lower expectations for Māori and Pasifika students and that’s not okay.”

Education Minister, The Hon Chris Hipkins 

 “Streaming is one of the most destructive things in our education system… Research tells us that streaming does not do anything for anybody – not even the good students and it does a lot of destructive things for the poor students.” 

Professor Bill Barton, The University of Auckland  

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